Use this underrated tool to torch body fat, increase muscle mass and reach your fitness goals.

The Sled is one of the many tools I have and use from my training arsenal.

Just like a mechanic or a carpenter, I have many tools to choose from.  Depending on your goals, limitations, strengths, weaknesses, schedule etc will determine what tools I use...

But when someone needs to torch body fat, increase lean muscle mass and improve overall performance, the Sled is a must.

If you're over 40 and NEED to get into shape I recommend Sled work in your training program to help you:

  • increase your metabolic rate to burn more body fat
  • get strong in 80% of your body... without putting stress on your joints
  • gain lean muscle tissue to help you stay lean
  • quickly get into shape when you really need to

If you have kids that are athletes, the Sled will help them:

  • build speed for sports (better than ANY other exercises, cone drills, or gadgets!)
  • develop overall strength in the offseason to prepare for any sport
  • keep strong during the sports season without burning out or getting to sore
  • prevent injuries by building strength in the major muscles as well as stabilization muscles around the knees and hips

Of course, like any other craft, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  Getting in to the best adults shape of your life or building young athletes into champions isn't about throwing a bunch of exercises against a wall and seeing what sticks... If you've been spinning your wheels with fitness or sports performance and are ready to get real results with a fully-customized, personal training program click the link below to fill out our coaching application:



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