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Hey, welcome to Preston Strength!

Thanks for stopping by:) My name is Steve Preston and I help build athletes and busy professionals who want to look and feel more athletic.

It all started when I was 14 years old and got cut from the Freshman baseball team.  With nothing to do with my time I joined the gym down the street from my house and the rest is history.  As a powerlifter I won 3 New York State Championships, National Runner-Up and set a Junior World Record in the Bench Press.

I guess you could say I've been there and done that.

With 37 years of strength training experience I've worked with hundreds of busy professionals and young athletes to increase strength, power, balance, coordination, and conditioning.

But here's the twist... When I was 45 years old and in great shape, I suddenly had a heart attack!  Talk about a shock. The next year I blew out my knee in the gym and had to have surgery.  The result was constant knee pain due to arthritis. So I went back to the grindstone and developed a system of training that would help build my strength, power, core and conditioning so that I could live longer and stronger.  Guess what?  It works like crazy.

That's where Preston Strength was born.  I wanted to help build athletes into champions and help more people discover how to build strength and lean muscle while losing body fat... even when they were over 40.

My method of building athletic bodies is accomplished with my structured programming.  There's no random workout of the day or exercising simply to get sweaty and tired.  You'll have a personalized workout developed for you based on your individual goals and needs. First you'll get a complete assessment of your fitness level, needs and goals.  Then I personally design your customized training program that is unique to you and the goals we set. I help you stay motivated by getting you results.

Whether you're an athlete or simply want to look and feel more athletic Preston Strength is for you.  The knowledge and experience you'll get by training at Preston Strength are unmatched in this area.

Nobody gets results for athletes or busy professionals like we do. Preston Strength is a 1500 square foot studio located in the heart of Great Bridge.  When you train with me you're like family.  It's a cool, cozy, private environment where you get full attention without the crowded, sketchy gym feeling.

Give me a call or stop by to sign up for a free training session.

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