Fat Blast Team Training Classes

This is our signature group fitness class that'll help you burn fat and get more energy.  But here's the kicker... Most group classes are NOT designed for people over 40.  We've built this program... for YOU!

  Burn Body Fat

  Build New Strength 

  Increase Your Energy

We care until you feel satisfied

In-house personal trainers at GymPress offers expertise and motivation.

Organized trainings and diets, customized just for you

Our trainers encourage open and comfortable atmosphere.

Train in GymPress

All the Fun and Adrenaline

The GymPress staffs are here to work around your schedule so that you do not have to miss your work or meetings for your workout session. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be happy to answer any queries that you might have. . Our personal trainers ensure that each day is different and never boring. does not mean they do not want to have fun.

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Gym Pricing

Our Skilled personal trainers can provide you with the best advice so that you can achieve your fitness goals.