Attention:  chesapeake busy professionals 40 + Who struggle with fitness

NOW YOU CAN lose weight, gain strength, increase energy and feel 10 years younger... without fad diets or workouts that beat your body up

Get Expert Personal Training In Our Private, Uncrowded Studio With Short, Effective Workouts

What is Preston Strength?

Preston Strength is NOT a gym.  It's a private, 1500 square foot training studio designed for people who want expert program design, expert training, motivation and accountability... all in a friendly, family-like environment.  

We are a unique husband/wife team who are a PE Specialist/Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Doctor or Physical Therapy.

We help our clients improve their lives by tapping into your hidden strength and athleticism.  We do this with completely customized training, designed with your strengths, limitations and goals in. mind.

Whether you are looking to compete in a sport or just want to live your best life, we will give you the exact personalized program that will get you to your goals fast.   

The best part is you don't have to think about anything or prepare.  Just show up, grab your water bottle (complimentary for members) and get ready to train.  We show you exactly what to do.

Who Is Preston Strength For?

At Preston Strength we work with adults who are busy with family, work and life but still want to reach their fitness goals.  

If you're over 40 you NEED to keep your muscle, strength and energy.  We help you do just that.  

If you're a go-getter and believe in showing up, doing your best and being consistent we are for you.  

If you understand that becoming the best version of yourself is about training for life and not some quick fix, then we can help you.

How Can Preston Strength Help Me?

When you start training with us some things start happening...

First, you start feeling more energetic.  This happens quickly... usually within the first week.  After a few weeks of being consistent your clothes will fit differently.  You'll increase your strength quickly as well.  In fact, every one of our clients gets stronger than they've ever been.

We will train you for performance.  This means we customize your workout so you gain strength, flexibility, balance, power and total conditioning.  As a result you will begin to look as good as you perform each and every day.

Our 6 Week 'Take Your Life Back' Jump-Start Program 

This is your first step to working with us.  

You'll get the best in expert training and nutrition to become the best version of yourself.  Over 6 weeks, you will lose up to 10lbs (or more) of body fat, increase your strength and double your energy.  

You'll not only get amazing fitness results but you'll be empowered to keep fit for the rest of your life.  We accomplish this by helping you learn exactly how to workout and eat for your specific body type.  We also help you optimize your hormone levels naturally.

With our 6 Week 'Take Your Life Back' Jump-Start you'll get:

* A Complete Fitness Assessment

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