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chesapeake athletes: PROVEN fitness and sports Performance training

We help improve your child's health by teaching them the RIGHT way to work out. They will become stronger, faster, more confident...and most importantly...they will learn the skills to stay healthy for LIFE

Who Do We Train?

Middle Schoolers
Youth Athletic Development (Ages 9-12)Specifically built to help kids learn to love exercise, get fit, get fast and more confident. 

High Schoolers
Sports Performance (Ages 12-18).  
Designed for athletes looking to take their game to the next level. They’ll be jumping higher, running faster and getting stronger so they can improve their performance at their sports.

Tools and Philosophy for Your Kid

The Growth Mindset

We will teach your kids how to think differently: all mistakes and failure are opportunities to get better and improve. 

Eat Clean

We will teach your kids how to eat better. Many of the things that you’ve been trying to get your kids to do like eat more veggies or drink more water will start to happen when we teach them WHY these are such important things to do. 

Train Smart

We will teach your children to workout the right way. To be safe and learn about their bodies so they will be able to learn to exercise on their own as they get older


We will teach them how to feel better after hard workouts, games and events. We will teach them the importance of sleep, stretching, breathing etc 

Direct Benefits for Your Kids?


- Run Faster

- Build Endurance

- Increase Strength

- Reduce Risk of Injury


- Eat Healthy

- Drink Healthy

- Balance Eating With Exercise

- Understand Portion Sizes


- Build Confidence

- Learn To Think In A Growth Mindset

- Increase Motivation

- Set and Reach Goals

Sports Performance Program

This is your solution to making it to the next level.   Our Sports Performance is your child's opportunity to get stronger, faster, better-conditioned and improve overall athleticism without workouts that get them hurt.

Every workout is coached and your young athlete will have the best in strength and conditioning coaching in the area.  

With our unique system your child will get:

Step 1

* A Complete Athlete Assessment Screen for ultimate athletic success

* A Personalized Strength, Conditioning and Power Training Program designed exclusively for them

* A Customized Nutrition Plan to maximize results

* Expert Coaching to make faster progress 

* Accountability and Motivation 

How It Works...


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We will help your son or daughter reach their fitness and sports performance potential with safe, cutting-edge training methods.

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