"I started with Steve about 2 months ago. I am down 7lbs, the “concrete” in my knees and lower back are gone and I feel alive again. For the time, preparation, knowledge and attention you will receive, there is no better in this area. I give Preston Strength my full recommendation for anyone, at any age. Thanks Steve and Michelle."

Dave Jones, Chesapeake

"I have been training with Steve for three months now and my results are fantastic! Steve’s workout regimen was exactly what I needed to get myself back into shape. I’m feeling better and stronger with every workout. Steve has also designed a meal plan to help me keep the results that I have worked so hard to achieve during his training. I am looking forward to continuing my training with Steve!"

Jeff Gordon, Virginia Beach

"So here's the deal: Before I met Steve, every exercise program I ever tried, every attempt to make myself stronger, every attempt to build my endurance, and every gym program universally and ultimately resulted in frustration, failure, and injury.

Recently I have been learning thing from Steve about proper form, time under tension, and how to build my strength and endurance without injury. Woo hoooo!!!!

Do yourself a favor: Find a personal trainer (1) who knows what they're doing, (2) has the experience and knowledge, and (3) cares more about your success than even YOU do. If you're close enough to Chesapeake VA, contract with Steve for his personal attention. If you're not close enough for his hands on, in- person training, ask him about the possibilities, and pros & cons for his online, distance options!"

Richard Laribee, Syracuse New York

"A few months ago my son Alex was taken through 3 tailor made exercise routines specifically with baseball players in mind. Steve trained him with this workout regimen to build his strength and power for the upcoming baseball season.  Yesterday, my 13 year old hit (HitTrax) a 332 foot simulated bomb and his exit velocity was 94 mph at Baseball Rebellion in North Carolina.

- I believe the MLB average is 90 mph. Thanks you Steve!"

Dr. Mark Chalfant

"I tried the big box gyms with little results and lacked the motivation to continue. Eleven weeks ago I started with Steve Preston and I couldn’t be happier with my results. His structured approach to strength and conditioning has helped me see almost immediate results, keeping me more than motivated. Thanks again Steve and see you Monday."

Joe Glazebrook, Chesapeake

"Working with Steve I’ve lost 10lbs of fat and felt much slimmer in the waist. I even wore swim trunks that didn’t fit last year. The biggest difference was doing exercises that were out of my comfort zone. I’ve been working out for 30 years and was stuck doing my favorite exercises that weren’t comfortable any more. But having you write out my plan led me to do exercises and combinations that I’d never done."

Joe Piazza, Buffalo New York

"I have never met a person as knowledgeable about fitness and working out. He is a motivator who will lead you on the path to goal achievement. I highly recommend Steve!"

Lou DiCioccio, Virginia Beach

"In just a few short weeks of working out with Steve I feel like I’ve already added years to my life. His personalized training program and encouragement has helped me to achieve strength and power that I never thought was possible for me at this stage in my life. I am one year shy of turning 50 years old and I know for a fact that I am stronger today then I was in my 30’s. Not only have I added lean muscle, but I’ve also regained balance and I have more energy for daily life activities. Thank you Steve for taking me on as a client and continuing to be there for me so that I can be here for my family."

Al Payne, Chesapeake