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How to Build Tactical strength, stamina and unparalleled grit like special ops teams

Our Complete Physical and Mental Preparation Program for Military, Fire, Police, EMS and Hardcore Civilians...

If you're preparing for a career in a tactical field, are a soldier in need of a plan, or just want to train like hell for anything and everything the field can throw at you, this is your plan.  This is the gritty world of tactical fitness.

Depending on the specific needs of his or her job, individual demands for any tactical athlete will vary.  There are a few principles that are universally present, however.  An effective training program for any tactical operator needs to focus on...

Injury prevention tops the list of priorities because an injured operator is a liability to themselves and their team, plain and simple.

Aerobic conditioning is also paramount, for several reasons.  First and foremost, aerobic conditioning is vital to the job itself.  Tactical operators need conditioning that goes beyond the anaerobic system.  Whether it's chasing a suspect, running up 15 flights of stairs to a fellow officer calling for help or wrestling with someone who refuses to go quietly, eventually the aerobic. system plays a significant part.  

Strength and Power are also important for any type of combat athlete. When overcoming resistance from hostile opposition, if all other things are equal, the stronger and more explosive person will win. In addition to raw power, there are also more specific strength demands for the tactical athlete, such as grip and neck strength.  

Our 6 Week Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program Is Designed To Prepare You For Anything Life Throws At You!

At Preston Strength we train by appointment and work with only those who are committed to reaching their goals.  Spots are limited so that we can focus on getting the best results from our clients.  If you are serious and ready NOW to become a tactical athlete then apply below below for our Preston Strength 6 Week Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program.

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