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We Specialize In Upgraded Personal Training For People Aged 40+

Here's What we do...

We specialize in training adults 40 +.  We get our clients fit, improve performance and transform lives with the most up-to-date strength and conditioning methods.  We work with busy professionals over 40 who want to get into top condition and be the best version of themselves.  Our customized programming and semi-private training will get you the best results in the fastest time.  The training, accountability, support and family-environment is the best in Chesapeake.

every month we take on 6 lucky people to transform their lives in 6 weeks!

Here's What others are saying about us...

Joe glaze brook

Owner - Atlantic Craftsmen

"I'm surfing better than I have in 20 years.  I've also lost over 25 lbs of fat."

Al Payne


"I struggled with 1 pushup when we started and now I can do 30!"


Before working with Steve I was no longer running, which is my passion.  He helped me get strong and prepared for running again.  I can now run again with no more pain.

Kimberly Cataulin


I feel better at 47 then I did at 30

Michelle higgins


Very effective and efficient workouts.  Perfect location, fair price and impressive results.  Simply stated, best money spent in years!

carrie scheidt

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